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Be the solution for teleworking, sustainability, and flexible spaces that cultivates community with a purpose.



We offer solutions to all your business needs whether you are a student, freelancer, creative, entrepreneur, start-up company or an established business. No deposit and No commitment. What are you waiting for?



We offer the most accessible subscriptions. No more excuses, start working at Tribuapp from 74,37€/month.


We are constantly evolving ourselves towards sustainability and circularity across all our actions and efforts.

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What we offer

Private offices

We have private offices in all sizes, wether you’re a start up looking to grow or an established business.

Fix workspaces

Embrace the social power of co-working and setting your base in a shared workspace with your dedicated desk.

Flexible spaces

If you’re never sure where you’ll be day to day, then our flex space option is designed for you. Come and go as you please.

Meeting rooms

All our meeting rooms capture natural daylight and are designed to stimulate and encourage the creation of great ideas.

Private events

We offer private and corporate events to our community to give them a space to connect with each other.

Online booking

You can book our spaces in advance with a simple online booking calendar for total transparency.


We provide fast and reliable Wi-Fi to all our spaces to keep you connected and stay on track.

Curated calendar
of events

Our curated calendar of events are specially designed to help you keep your personal and professional lives enriched, aligned and balanced.

Kitchen with
storage areas

To keep you and your team on your feet, the kitchen facilities include a coffee machine, a fridge, microwave and cutlery. Just what you need when you want to grab something.

Icons by Somewan and Flatart from Noun Project

Tribu flexible spaces

They are designed to nurture innovative thinking and encourage resiliency. To stimulate your productivity and enable good work across our spaces. Find your space.

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    Tribu Flexible Spaces Aribau

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    Tribu Flexible Spaces Urquinaona

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    Tribu Flexible Spaces Pau Claris

Stories from the Tribu Community

Discovering Tribu through the experiences and journey of our community to get you out there as one.


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