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paid Short payback period

Tribuapp spaces have a competitive advantage compared to other competitors due to its price. That implies occupation rates at a high level in all centres. This is why Tribuapp offers to the partner a short payback period depending on the asset condition.

view_in_ar Space optimization

Tribuapp optimizes the partner’s space by offering the best solutions for different spaces and users and at the same time diversifies the risk of the rent as it not only depends on a unique tenant.

groups Collaborations with suppliers

Tribuapp provides all suppliers throughout the process: from the refurbishment and conditioning of the office to services for clients (furniture, cleaning, coffee and muh more)


It takes around 2-3 weeks. Time may vary according to the space specifications (the need of office fitting).

It depends upon the cost of office refurbishment. When the office space is in excellent condition, the only costs are the wiring, paint and extras. Approximately 3000€.

A real estate asset that can be used as an office space, whether it is yours or on a rental basis.

Tribuapp is a proptech startup that is revolutionizing the real estate industry, and in concrete the flexible spaces industry. Tribuapp optimizes your space distribution, increasing the profitability of your space. Moreover, it diversifies the risk of the rent as it not only depends on a unique tenant, as well as the value proposal for each client is very high because of Tribuapp flexibility and price against competitors. Furthermore, the investment is low and you do not have to spend time managing your space.

It depends on your investment as well as the type of asset and its characteristics.

It depends on your investment as well as the type of asset and its characteristics.

Tenants can open a Tribuapp flexible space the same way as landlords if they are able to lease back their space.

In Tribuapp spaces you can find startups, big companies, digital nomads, freelancers, and students from all types of areas.

Tribuapp has developed a workplace health and safety plan. First evaluating the building and its mechanical and life safety to determine if the building is ready for occupancy. Secondly, Tribuapp ensures ventilation systems operate properly, increases circulation of outdoor air and ensures all water systems are safe to use. In addition, Tribuapp maintains social distancing between employees and uses methods to separate employees in different areas of the office. Furthermore, if a Covid-19 case shows up, the centre closes for 2 weeks while it gets cleaned and sanitized.

Yes, there is. If a landlord recommends another landlord, tenant with empty space, or investor, we have an incentives program.